Raincube is the smartest, easiest, and most fun way

To make it rain anytime, from anywhere.

Open-source and modular design.
Easy to install hardware.

Meet the Raincube Team


Anthony Paglino

CEO & Founder

Alberto Juaregui


Matthew Parks

Technology Advisor


A Brief History

Raincube was created in the spring of 2016 in Tampa Bay to answer a simple question. Can we connect rainwater harvesting to the internet and by doing so scale to every roof on the planet?

Mission Statement

Raincube’s mission is to balance the world’s supply of water by building a digital, decentralized, distributed, and democratic Internet of Rain.


  • 03.01.2016Raincube Founded

    First meetup held at Tampa Hackerspace to plan the first minimum viable prototype.
  • 04.16.2016Version 0.1 Gravity Module

    Wifi, volume sensor, and valve running on Raspi connected to 550 gallon gravity drip irrigation system to backyard garden.
  • 07.01.2016Version 0.2 Sink Module

    Added support for for intelligent pila sinks in Guatemala using gravity system and ESP8266. First interactive web app.
  • 09.02.2017Version 0.3 Pump Module

    Added support for pump and multiple zone watering controls.
  • 02.17.2017Version 0.4 Cellular Module

    GSM cellular connection for remote devices using SIM900.
  • 07.08.2017Version 0.5 Dashboard Module

    Dashboard is brought online, offering a user friendly web app.
  • 05.01.2018Version 1.0 Beta Network

    Add support for real time mapping within 10 node local network.

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